Used Medical Equipment at 20 to 40% of list price!

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PEMED - one of the largest stocking dealers of used medical equipment in the United States. Without exception, everything listed here is in stock in our Denver, Colorado warehouse. Tenemos y entendemos equipo medico usado.

We started with 1 IV pole. We have grown to over 6000 inventory items and used medical equipment for all hospital and clinic departments. Our approach is simple:

  1. Everything we sell is, without exception, in stock in our warehouse. Unless we've sold it.
  2. We grade every item according to the MedConTM condition rating system. Developed by PEMED, it is an objective way of judging the quality and condition of used equipment.
  3. We do not oversell an item. We will tell you the strengths and weaknesses of our knowledge. This is medical equipment; questions must be answered, if not by us then someone who is knowledgeable.
  4. Everything sold as is; every medical end user purchase has a 14 day no questions asked return policy.
  5. 20 years in business - 82 countries worldwide.

How do we do it? We buy over 80 truckloads of equipment each year. That's how we bring you the largest selection and lowest prices - we guarantee it.

Don't see what you want? Contact us:

Production Engineering - Medical Equipment Division
6035 E. 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80207 USA
(303) 393-7800 FAX (303) 393-1482
or e-mail to:

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