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Inflator for air flotation mattress - $375

sentech01_52.jpg sentech02_53.jpg

List: $4,500. MedCon: VG. Sentech Medical Systems Stage IV 2000 electronic controller for air flotation mattress. 120 V, 60 Hz.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 25 pounds.

Orthopedic frame system - $7,500

List: $88,000. MedCon: G. Lot of rods, connectors, slings, and other components for constructing custom orthopedic frames for limb support. Components are from DePuy, Zimmer, OSI, and OEC, and based on the connector system appear to be interchangeable. The equipment is shown displayed on four pallets. Sturdier palleting will be provided for shipping.

pallet no. 1 orthoframe01_15.jpgorthoframe02_16.jpg
The photos show the components from the front and back sides
of the pallet as well as close ups of the connectors and rods. The
aluminum rods are octagonal and there is approximately 24 each
of long (up to 96 in.) and short (24 in.) forms. The connectors have
16 notches to grip the octagonal form of the rods and are attached
to cylindrical stainless steel rods. There are also some curved aluminum
rods with connectors at both ends.
pallet no. 2 orthoframe05_19.jpgorthoframe06_20.jpg The photos show a second pallet from opposite orientations. The
components and quantities are similar to that of the first pallet.
pallet no. 3 orthoframe07_21.jpgorthoframe08_22.jpg
Pallet no. 3 has (in approximate numbers) 20 curved stainless steel
rods, 15 straight and U-shaped stainless steel rods, 15 long and short
aluminum rods, a variety of connectors and a foot plate.
pallet no. 4 orthoframe11_25.jpgorthoframe12_26.jpg
Pallet no. 4 contains a variety of components for constructing and
anchoring trapeze-style sling supports.


Shipping weight is about 3200 pounds.

Critical care bed - $2,975 each

2020stryker01_12.jpg 2020stryker04_15.jpg
2020stryker02_13.jpg 2020stryker03_14.jpg

List: $13,750. MedCon: VG. Stryker Renaissance Series 2020 critical care bed. 110 V 60 Hz.


2020stryker05_16.jpg 2020stryker06_17.jpg
2020stryker07_18.jpg 2020stryker08_19.jpg

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 450 pounds. 3 units in stock.

Critical care CCU bed - $2,375

strykerbed02_56.jpg strykerbed01_55.jpg strykerbed03_57.jpg

List: $12,300. MedCon: EX. Stryker Secure model 2025 critical care bed. 115 V, 50/60 Hz.



main panel controls, patient side rail controls and
animation showing position of the bed


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 475 pounds.

Power unit for alternating pressure mattress - $1,975

microair01_89.jpg microair02_90.jpg

List: $5,400. MedCon: VG. Invacare microAIR Turn-Q Plus, model BB9612014. 115 V, 60 Hz.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Hospital bed pillow speaker / nurse call pendant - $175 each

responder01_57.jpgList: $9,700. MedCon: VG. Rauland-Borg model NCESTV television control and nurse call pendant.


Shipping weight is about 100 pounds for complete lot. 32 units in stock

Electric CCU bed - $1,975 each

stryker1990ccu0001_1.jpgList: $10,822. MedCon: G. Stryker model 1990-1 electric critical care unit's CCU bed.


stryker1990ccu0008_2.jpg stryker1990ccu0018_5.jpg
stryker1990ccu0017_4.jpg stryker1990ccu0016_3.jpg


Shipping weight is about 300 pounds each. 2 units in stock.

Patient hygiene bed - $750

lumex01_29.jpg lumex02_30.jpg lumex03_31.jpg

List: $1,922. MedCon: VG. Lumex bed. all plastic waterproof construction, for hygiene and washing of quadriplegic patients.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 100 pounds.

Sleeper chair - $475 each

sleeper01_115.jpg sleeper02_116.jpg

List: $1100. MedCon: G. A chair that converts into a single sleeper bed by lowering the back and pulling out the leg rest.

Usually used in a patient room as a combination visitors chair / sleeping bed.

Shipping weight is about 150 pounds each. 1 grey in stock.

Patient chair - $475

patntchar21_10.jpgpatntchar22_11.jpgMedCon: G.

Patient care. Adjustable angle, tilt back with leg support, reclining, tilt up trays on both sides of chair. Useful for feeding, patient relaxation and surgical recovery.

Shipping weight is about 155 pounds.

Critical Care unit patient bed - $1,750

hillromccanim7_4.jpgList: $11,400. MedCon: G. Hillrom model Century CC critical care bed., with radiolucent top and built in patient scale.


hillromccanim2_3.jpg hillromccanim18_5.jpg hillromcc31_2.jpg

Bed scale features:

Shipping weight is about 450 pounds.

Radiolucent orthopedic bed - $1,475

strykcarmbed2.jpgList: $12,300. MedCon: Ex. Stryker Orthotec bed.


All controls may be operated from one end of the bed, as shown in photographs.

strykcarmbed6.jpg strykcarmbed7.jpg strykcarmbed22.jpg

Shipping weight is about 350 pounds.

Orthopedic turning frame - $1,475 each

oecrot11.jpgList: $7,340. MedCon: N. Orthopedic turning frame, model 1135 orthopedic equipment company). Units are brand new in the box, about 1989 manufacture but appear to be unused. These specialty beds are used for treatment of patients with burns and orthopedic trauma.

There is a more modern version of this table, $2,975 each, shown under the "surgical tables" section of our website.

This is sometimes referred to as a Rotabed.

The bed rotation permits patient to be easily turned with out having to physically rearrange them on the bed.


How it rotates
Built in side stand oecrot12.jpg
Rotating lock mechanism, showing locating holes oecrot13.jpg oecrot15.jpg
Orthopedic pulley oecrot17.jpg
Storage tray oecrot18.jpg
Adjustable rotation support bar oecrot16.jpg

Shipping weight is about 155 pounds each. 4 units in stock.

Electric fluoroscopy bed with scale - $1,975 each

hflbsc.jpgList: $9,200. MedCon: VG. Hausted Medina electric motor fluoro bed-scale. A bed for ICU and ICU recovery that has a radiolucent, C-arm compatible half top (for chest shots), a built in digital scale and electric beds functions.



hflbsc26.jpg hflbsc27.jpg hflbsc28.jpg
hflbsc29.jpg hflbsc30.jpg hflbsc34.jpg

Shipping weight is about 350 pounds.

ICU bed with scale - $1,600





List: $6,800. MedCon: G. Hausted ICU bed with scale. Missing headboards.

Vertical motions of bed are hydraulically operated:

patient adjustment for top are electrically operated:

Entire bed moves like a gurney, with a brake/ steer lever, IV pole. Scale is a Scaletronics model HS-2055 battery operated scale, measure patient weight by push button operation, so determination can be made if patient is retaining fluid, or other factors that would cause patient weight to change.



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