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Laboratory Synthesizers

Capillary-based DNA sequencer - $1,750

310prism01_4.jpg 310prism02_5.jpg

List: $32m,400. MedCon: VG. Applied Biosystems Prism 310 genetic analyzer. 120 V, 50/60 Hz. We are unable to test the operation of this instrument, but have verified that it does contain the laser, laser power supply, CCD camera, syringe pump and autosampler. It is missing the gel block (see photograph of open cabinet). User will need to license operation and analysis software from Applied Biosystems.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 210 pounds.

Thermal cycler - $1,750

hvbaid01_61.jpg hvbaid02_62.jpg

List: $2,600. MedCon: VG. Hybaid Omn-E thermal cycler. 110/120 V.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 20 pounds.

DNA synthesizer - $2,750

abipcr01_5.jpgabipcr02_6.jpgabipcr05_9.jpgList: $26,700. MedCon: VG. Applied Biosystems ABI model 391 PCR-Mate EP DNA Synthesizer.This is a current model of this instrument sold and services by Perkin-Elmer. Used to produce synthetic nucleic acids for most applications: PCR, sequencing, antisense, gene construction, hybridization, and the like.


The ABI 391 can deliver a primer-length oligonucleotide in under two hours, and a PCR primer set in less than half a day. That makes it possible to go from primer design to PCR results in a normal working day. Moreover, robust chemistry and programmable cycles make it equally adept at synthesis of longer oligonucleotides.

ACGT keypad and menus in the LCD window

This unit will hook directly to a McIntosh. This Hypercard® program lets you import, edit and store sequences on the computer, then download them to the ABI 391 without additional keystrokes.


Here are some current technical papers available from applied biosystems web site (


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 95 pounds.

Gel image digitizer - $975

genomyxsc01_28.jpg genomyxsc02_29.jpg genomyxsc03_30.jpg

List: $27,800. MedCon: F. Genomyx SC gel scanner and image digitizer, model FL100.100-120/220-240 V, 50-60 Hz.

Powers up, but light source did not come on. Xenon bulb may need to be replaced. Computer workstation is not included.

This unit is essentially a scanning plate densitometer, running DNA electrophoresis plates.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 180 pounds.

DNA sequencing electrophoresis system - $2,750

genomyxlr01_24.jpg genomyxlr02_25.jpg genomyxlr03_26.jpg

List: 92,900. MedCon: VG. Genomyx LR DNA programmable high resolution DNA sequencer, model GX100. 120 V, 60 Hz.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 200 pounds.

PCR Sequence Detector - $975

abidetector01_1.jpg abidetector02_2.jpg

List: 8,230. MedCon: VG. Perkin-Elmer/Applied Biosystems Prism 7200 sequence detector, model B8010050. 120/230 V, 50/60 Hz.

Uses a 96 well platform to quantify fluorescent labeled nucleotides incorporated into DNA in the polymerase chain reaction. Back of unit has serial, parallel and 5-pin barcode ports.

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 50 pounds.

Organic molecule synthesizer - $9,750

argonaut01_9.jpgList: $135,700. MedCon: VG. Argonaut Technologies Nautilus 2400 synthesizer. 100-120 V. This instrument is for prototyping and optimizing the reaction conditions for organic synthesis in applications such as drug discovery. Three rocking racks contain 8 reaction chambers each (see photo), allowing for 24 variations of a reaction to be processed simultaneously.

For example, 24 minor variations of a drug manufacturing reaction can be done simultaneously. Then, the concentrations of the 24 reactions can be measured, providing the two or three variations that seem to be the most successful. This greatly speeds up the development process.

For example, individualized variations can be made in vessel size, reagent concentrations and reaction time and temperature. This reaction module can be interfaced with an autosampler and a reagent delivery chamber (not included).

chamber open argonaut03_11.jpg
rack controls argonaut02_10.jpg
vessel racks argonaut05_13.jpg

vessel racks


manufacturer's plate argonaut08_15.jpg

Overall dimensions:

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Peptide synthesizer - $2,750

abi430a01_1.jpg abi430a02_2.jpg

List: $47,300. MedCon: VG. No Software. Applied Biosystems model 430A peptide synthesizer. 100-120/200-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

Uses tBOC or FMOC protecting group chemistry for sequential peptide synthesis on column-bound resin. Computer and printer ports on back of instrument.

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

DNA synthesizer - $2,175

appbio07_filtered_6.jpg appbio08_filtered_7.jpg appbio09_filtered_8.jpg

List: $16,750. MedCon: VG. Applied Biosystems model 380B DNA synthesizer. 110 V, 60 Hz. Synthesis of a DNA chain is accomplished by addition of phoshoramidite derivatives of deoxynucleosides to an initial nucleoside covalently attached to a column support. All steps of the chemical delivery system are automated. The built-in monitor is a touch screen by which the user accesses programs such as the DNA sequence editor, the cycle editor, and the system self-test.

User's manual, software and miscellaneous supplies included.

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 240 pounds.

Peptide sequencer - $1,450

List: $55,200. MedCon: G. LKB Biochrom model 4020 Solid-Phase Peptide Sequencer. Programmable (through a program card) operation, bench top design of device.


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