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Radiology and Imaging Parts

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X-ray tube, generator and collimator - $1,475

wuestec01_42.jpgList: $6,100. MedCon: VG. Wuestec Compugen computerized X-ray generator/Eureka tube and Linear collimator. 208/240 V


wuestec02_43.jpg wuestec03_44.jpg wuestec04_45.jpg
wuestec05_46.jpg wuestec06_47.jpg  

Shipping weight is about 320 pounds.

Mini C-arm for repair or parts - $3,275

hologic01_6.jpg hologic02_7.jpg

List: $88,9000. MedCon: P. Hologic Fluoroscan Premier model 60000 Mini C-arm imaging system. 100-120/230-240 V, 50/60 Hz. Unit has a hard drive problem and, upon startup, does not proceed beyond the System Startup screen. Unit was in operation until this hard drive failed, so we can assume that the electronics, tube and II are in good condition.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 550 pounds.

C-arm, for parts - $2,500

polarix01_49.jpgList: $58,900. MedCon: F. G.E. Polarix 2E C-arm, controller, image capture and accessories. Non-working unit with possible line voltage regulation problem. Other components can be salvaged for repair of other units.

So,, all or part.


polarix02_50.jpg polarix03_51.jpg
polarix04_52.jpg polarix05_53.jpg

Shipping weight is about 800 pounds.

Bucky cassette holder - $750 each

midwest01_11.jpg midwest02_12.jpg midwest03_13.jpg

List: $3,300. MedCon: Demo. Midwest X-Ray Equipment Co. bucky cassette holder, model 366CATSCMR. Lightly used demo units in original packaging.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 55 pounds. 3 units in stock.

Imaging table leg supports - $750 each

MedCon: VG. Imaging table leg supports with padded vinyl upholstery, unknown manufacturer.

1 legsupport01_49.jpg 13.5 x 48 inches, screw mount
Shipping weight is about 25 pounds.
2 legsupport02_50.jpg 13.5 x33.5 inches, one scuff mark
table insertion tabs, 32 mm wide, 26 cm center-to-center separation
Shipping weight is about 20 pounds.

X-ray tubes / collimators - priced as shown

List: $3,500. MedCon: VG. Older models but in very good cosmetic condition.

1 fischer01_49.jpgfischer02_50.jpgfischer03_51.jpg
Fischer X-ray tube (model no. PX-1436ESF1)
150kvp, .6X1.2 focus, DU-404 insert
Machlett Collimaster M collimator
Shipping weight is about 100 pounds.
$976 each
2 amrad01_28.jpgamrad02_29.jpgamrad03_30.jpg Toshiba X-ray tube (model EM-125)
150 kvp, 1.0/2.0 focal spot, DR-3103H insert
Micro Medical model M-18S collimator
Shipping weight is about 85 pounds.
3 dunlee01_40.jpgdunlee02_41.jpg
Dunlee X-ray tube (model no. PX-1436CQ)
150kvp, .6X1.2 focus, DU-404 insert
Picker 3121-B collimator
Shipping weight is about 100 pounds.
$873 each
4 picker01_60.jpgpicker02_61.jpg Picker 3121-B collimator
Shipping weight is about 25 pounds.

Vintage buckys and film cassettes

List: MedCon: VG. Vintage buckys and cassettes. Useful to restock legacy equipment.

1 9848philips01_21.jpg9848philips02_22.jpg
Philips type 984850035802 bucky device
Shipping weight is about 15 pounds.
2 pausch01_57.jpgpausch02_58.jpg
Pausch bucky, no model number
Shipping weight is about 25 pounds.
3 fidelity01_48.jpg Fidelity cassette for 14 x 17 film
Shipping weight is about 10 pounds.
4 3mmag01_1.jpg 3M film magazine
interior accommodates 14 x 17 inch film
decal with machine to darkroom transfer instructions
Shipping weight is about 15 pounds.

Cath lab table control - $1,475

diagnost01_26.jpgList: $6,700. MedCon: VG. Philips Easy DIAGNOST table control. The unit is 19 inches wide and labeled with code nr. 4512 130 63542 and art. nr. 0712/01.

Has chip in molding; appears to be part of the original rad room and replaced because of this minor defect.


Overall dimensions of the shipping case with custom inserts:

Shipping weight is about 25 pounds.

X-ray tube / collimator - $1,875

150kvtube01_6.jpg 150kvtube02_7.jpg
150kvtube03_8.jpg 150kvtube04_9.jpg

List: $7,800. MedCon: VG. General Electric model 46-175100G9 X-ray tube with Duocon M 150 collimator


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 70 pounds.

Potter bucky diaphragms - $975 each

List: $2,000-4,500. MedCon: New or Demo as indicated in the chart below. These were obtained from an X-ray equipment manufacturer and saw minor use for in-house equipment testing and demonstrations. The first two listing below are unused bucky's in original packaging.

1. 8000bucky01_36.jpg8000bucky02_37.jpg
MedCon: New Liebel-Flarsheim 8000 Series, part no.248011SRD
rated for 115/220-240 V; 60/50 Hz.
size-sensing circuit blocks, Operating Manual
6 units in stock
2. 102bucky01_6.jpg102bucky02_7.jpg MedCon: New Liebel-Flarsheim model 102 Super Speed Recipromatic
rated for 120 V; 60 Hz.
3 units in stock
3. 1042bucky01_14.jpg1042bucky03_16.jpg
MedCon: Demo Sybron model 104-2 par speed Recipromatic
rated for 120 V; 60 Hz.
3 units in stock
4. 46bucky01_4.jpg46bucky02_5.jpg MedCon: Demo Sybron model 46 par speed Recipromatic
rated for 120 V; 60 Hz.
3 units in stock
5. 1163bucky01_19.jpg1163bucky02_20.jpg
MedCon: Demo Sybron model 116-3 Super Speed Recipromatic
rated for 120 V; 60 Hz.
2 units in stock
6. 225091bucky01_40.jpg225091bucky02_41.jpg
MedCon: Demo Liebel-Flarsheim model 225091 Super Speed
rated for 120 V; 60 Hz.
1 unit in stock
7. 1191bucky01_26.jpg1191bucky02_27.jpg
MedCon: Demo Liebel-Flarsheim model 119-1 par speed
rated for 115 V; 60 Hz.
1 unit in stock

Shipping weight is about 25 pounds each.

Carbon fiber cover plate - $200

coverplate01_79.jpg coverplate02_80.jpg

List: $670. MedCon: N. Carbon fiber cover plate. 17.25 x 18 & 7/8 inches.

Has imprinted designation N44 r12 f100.

Shipping weight is about 10 pounds.

X-ray film cassette holders - $375 each

List: $800-1,200. MedCon: VG. X-ray film cassette holders (also called bucky trays), vintage 1980's, 1990s. These should be useful for legacy equipment. Those indicated as MedCon: N are unused in original packaging. The others appear to have been minimally used for equipment testing.

46liebel01_9.jpg46liebel02_10.jpg MedCon: N Liebel-Flarsheim
model 46L0464
9 units in stock
225004liebel01_40.jpg225004liebel02_41.jpg225004liebel03_42.jpg MedCon: N Liebel-Flarsheim
model 225004
4 units in stock
MedCon: Demo Midwest X-Ray Equipment Co.
model D-1001 (Size-O-Matic)
1 unit in stock
MedCon: Demo Sybron Liebel-Flarsheim
model 125-1
1 unit in stock
cassettehold01_69.jpgcassettehold03_71.jpgcassettehold04_72.jpg MedCon: G.

unknown manufacturer
examine photos for distinguishing features
18.5 in. wide, presumably for 17 in. cassette

1 unit in stock

Shipping weight is about 10-18 pounds in original packaging for those indicated as N.

X-ray tube output testers / high voltage dividers - priced as shown

List: $12,500. MedCon: VG. Machlett voltage dividers for X-ray tubes. Invasively measures kilovolts and milliamperes, delivered to an x-ray tube during an x-ray shot.


Machlett Dynalyzer, type Y-1-A
combined unit voltage divider and display
anode and cathode connectors for
tube and transformer
Shipping weight is about 60 pounds.

$975 each
voltagetest01_140.jpg voltagetest02_141.jpgvoltagetest03_142.jpg

Machlett/Varian Dynalyzer type III
(1 ea of models S96330, with printer
and S96320 without printer)
120/240 V, 50/60 Hz.
Use with a voltage divider (bleeder) below

Machlett HV-1 chamber (left)
G. E. model 46-154966G1 (center, right)
Shipping weight is about 45 pounds.

$2,750 for your choice
of divider and display


$1,750 for divider only


We have the following in stock:

Operation of the instrument is described at III_brochure.PDF

Maintenance information on the Dynalyzer is available on a website maintained by its inventor, Dr. Jon Shapiro, at

Imaging table - $1,750

imagetable01_48.jpgList: $16,200. MedCon: VG. We think this is from a Summit nuclear camera system.


imagetable02_49.jpg imagetable03_50.jpg imagetable07_53.jpg
imagetable04_51.jpg imagetable06_52.jpg  

Shipping weight is about 210 pounds.

X-ray Collimator aiming window - $175 each

aimcalibator01_8.jpg aimcalibator02_9.jpg
model 181487 model 184868
176 x 165 mm 143 x 127 mm

List: $620. MedCon: N. X-ray collimator aiming window.

These are new in sealed wrap. Notched plastic inserts with cross hair.

Shipping weight is 2 pounds each.

Multi-format camera - $975

iiecamera01_62.jpg iiecamera05_66.jpg

List: $5,750. MedCon: N. International Imaging Electronics model 4000 Series III multi-format camera. We have 1 ea. of models MP4200-3-R and MP4200-3-N, both new in the box. Takes images and puts them onto film, from an ultrasound, C-arm, X-ray or other source.

These cameras were used extensively on C-arm's and ultrasound machines.


iiecamera04_65.jpg iiecamera11_72.jpg iiecamera07_68.jpg
backs of chassis showing model number and accessories box



Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 80 pounds.

C-arm digital image processor - $1,750

eigenfluoro02_45.jpg eigenfluoro03_46.jpg eigenfluoro04_47.jpg

List: $14,275. MedCon: N. Eigen Fluoro 100E digital image processor. 120 V, 60 Hz.

This unit was used on 1980's and early 1990's vintage C-arms, including Philips BV 22, 25 and BV 29 C-arms, also the GE polarix 2 and 2E.

Unit is new in the box.


eigenfluoro06_49.jpg eigenfluoro07_50.jpg eigenfluoro09_52.jpg
eigenfluoro10_53.jpg eigenfluoro11_54.jpg eigenfluoro12_55.jpg

quick reference card and pages from service manual





Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 70 pounds. 2 units in stock.

X-ray tube rotor control - $750

tempo01_103.jpg tempo02_104.jpg

List: $2,300. MedCon: G. Tempo model 07031 (also labeled 651786F-2) X-ray tube motor control. 190-290 V. Metal cabinet has 3 mounting holes on each side.

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 160 pounds.

C-arm wire - $475

alphawire01_7.jpgList: $3,200. MedCon: VG. Alpha wire part no. 5529. This appears to be slightly less than half full on a 29.5 in diameter spool putting it at about 400 ft.

Specifications of 5529/9 wire:

alphawire02_8.jpg alphawire03_9.jpg

Shipping weight is about 220 pounds.

Varian x ray tubes - $3,250 each




List: $11,200 each. MedCon: N. Varian M-350 with attached HE-50 heat exchanger. Details are provided below for 6 units of this model and 1 unit of model M-147SP.

Features of the M-350:



varianmam18_114.jpg varianmam17_113.jpg    

insert serial 45410-U7, housing serial H45410

Manufacture date August 1997

MedCon = N

(unopened packaging)

varianmam19_115.jpg varianmam22_117.jpg    

insert serial 10461-T5, housing serial H10461

Manufacture date September 1999

MedCon = N

(unopened packaging)

varianmam08_104.jpg varianmam05_101.jpg varianmam06_102.jpg varianmam07_103.jpg

insert serial 32595-V6, housing serial H32595

Manufacture date September 1999

MedCon = N

(unused, out of packaging)

varianmam12_108.jpg varianmam11_107.jpg varianmam10_106.jpg varianmam09_105.jpg

insert serial 43438-S7, housing serial H43438

Manufacture date June 1997

MedCon = N

probably demo

varianmam01_97.jpg varianmam02_98.jpg varianmam03_99.jpg varianmam04_100.jpg

insert serial 40653-P7, housing serial H40653

Manufacture date April 1997

MedCon = VG
varianmam16_112.jpg varianmam13_109.jpg varianmam14_110.jpg varianmam15_111.jpg

insert serial 35601-Z6, housing serial H35601

Manufacture date June 1997

MedCon = F

(report lists as noisy)

varianmam24_119.jpg varianmam23_118.jpg varianmam25_120.jpg Varian M-147SP

insert serial 25222-R6, B-110 housing serial H25222

focus = 0.1/0.3. Manufacture date May 1996

MedCon = G

Shipping weight is about 70 pounds each.

Dunlee X-ray tubes - $3,000 ea

List: $11,300 each. MedCon: Demo. Dunlee DU404 X-ray tubes in PX1436 housing. These are current vintage tubes that have have been used in-house by a manufacturer.


dunleedu40401_8.jpg dunleedu40402_9.jpg dunleedu40403_10.jpg dunleedu40404_11.jpg

insert serial: 29142, housing serial: 700729BK,

March 2006 manufacture date, possible noisy rotor

dunleedu40405_12.jpg dunleedu40406_13.jpg dunleedu40407_14.jpg dunleedu40408_15.jpg

insert serial: 26114, housing serial: 21705-1,

July 2005 manufacture date

dunleedu40409_16.jpg dunleedu40410_17.jpg dunleedu40411_18.jpg dunleedu40412_19.jpg

insert serial: 16913 replaced by 23962, housing serial: 544278FH,

July 2003 manufacture date, has new insert

Shipping weight is about 85 pounds each.

X-ray tube - $3,575

machlettb15001_50.jpgList: $10,065. MedCon: Demo. Machlett B150HR housing with Dunlee high speed insert DU404


machlettb15003_52.jpg machlettb15004_53.jpg machlettb15002_51.jpg

Shipping weight is about 50 pounds.

X-ray tube - $2,750

variana27201_93.jpgList: $11,075. MedCon: N. Varian A-272 radiographic tube in B150H housing. For general radiographic and fluoro/spot film use.


variana27202_94.jpg variana27203_95.jpg variana27204_96.jpg

Specifications for the 272 insert are available from the Varian Medical Systems website:

Shipping weight is about 70 pounds.

Working X-ray tubes - $1,750 each

List: $6,500. MedCon: G. These were removed from service from a variety of sources and have tested in working order.

xtubes01_124.jpg xtubes02_125.jpg xtubes03_126.jpg

Toshiba Rotanode model DRX-3742HD, serial 42145, insert model DR-3724H, serial 42109,

focus 1.2/0.6, 150 max KV, February 1996 manufacture date

xtubes04_127.jpg xtubes05_128.jpg xtubes06_129.jpg

Dunlee catalog no. PX1436CQ, serial no. 2080060KS, Insert model DU404, serial 3250P,

focus 0.6/1.2, 150 KVP, target angle 13.5, November 1988 manufacture date

xtubes07_130.jpg xtubes08_131.jpg xtubes09_132.jpg

General Electric MX75-09N AMX serial 003048, Machlett MA/DX59B insert, serial P69469

focus 0.6/1.2, 150 KVP, October 1987 manufacture date

xtubes13_136.jpg xtubes14_137.jpg xtubes15_138.jpg

Varian A-132 insert, serial 98092-S5; B100T housing, serial H98092

focus 0.6 and 1.2, January 1996 manufacture date

xtubes16_139.jpg xtubes17_140.jpg xtubes19_142.jpg

Eureka Sapphire-150TH, catalog no. 54-16104, Rad-16 insert serial no. A072047

focus 1.0 and 2.0, August 1982 manufacture date

Shipping weight is about 60 pounds each.

X-ray cassette holder - $375

fischerbucky01_59.jpg fischerbucky02_60.jpg

List: $925. MedCon: VG. Fischer Imaging model 39574G bucky for 17 x 14 in. cassette.

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 65 pounds.

Working X-ray tubes - $1,275 each

List: $3,500. MedCon: VG. known working tubes.


Eureka Diamond 150TH, cat. no. 54-14102

RAD14 insert, focal spots 0.6-1.2, 150 KVP, year 1994


Eureka Emerald 125, cat. no. 52-08100

RAD8 insert, focal spots 1.0-2.0, 125 KVP, year 1991


Machlett Dynamax type 52R, cat. no. S-212141

HD40 insert, focus 1-2

Shipping weight is about 85 pounds each.

Wall bucky - $1,475

lngsfx5.jpgList: $6,300. MedCOn: Ex. general electric wall Bucky, for holding chest films. Removed from working SFX II rad fluoro room.


Shipping weight is about 375 pounds.

Digital fluoroscopy imaging computer - $1,700

List: $12,230. MedCon: N. Fischer imaging model FVP 1000, part number 100-11293-66 imaging system.

fishfv10001_11.jpg fishfv10002_12.jpg fishfv10003_13.jpg


Shipping weight is about 75 lbs.

Mammography parts

MedCon: N. miscellaneous mammography accessories and parts, from Fischer imaging equipment.

mammography grid - $150 miscmammoparts44_37.jpg miscmammoparts45_38.jpg
compression paddles and holders as shown - $250 takes all miscmammoparts46_39.jpg
.set of paddles with holder as shown - $250 . miscmammoparts43_36.jpg

Shipping weight is about 10 lbs. per item.

Gear motors and speed reducer - $475 each

List: $2,300 and $3,200 each. MedCon: N. Units are new, unused. Have about 12 gear reducers, and 15 motors. Originally there were for use as primary table drive, motors and gearboxes in Raytheon and Fischer r/f x-ray tables.


fischerimage3.jpg fischerimage5.jpg fischerimage8.jpg
fischerimage4.jpg fischerimage9.jpg

Shipping weight is about 1,500 pounds.

R/f table lead apron guard - $450

pbaprnrf21.jpg pbaprnrf22.jpgList: $1,100. MedCon: G. X-ray guard, as found on r/f tables. Used to keep backscatter exposure to personnel.

1/2 mm lead equivalent.

Shipping weight is about 15 pounds.

X-ray table accessories - $275

List: $850. MedCon: EX. Set of 1 band and 2 handles. Fits into side channel of an x-ray or fluoro table.

tblaccsd23.jpg tblaccsd24.jpg tblaccsd25.jpg

Shipping weight is about 20 pounds.

Digital x-ray film bucky - $2,500

digtbucky26.jpgList: $15,000. MedCon: Demo. Digital x-ray film bucky, full size. Original unit is by Liebel Flarsheim, model 800 series bucky, new in 1996. Add-on digital detector, added on by Fischer imaging.


digtbucky27.jpg digtbucky29.jpg
digtbucky28.jpg digtbucky30.jpg digtbucky31.jpg

Shipping weight is about 100 pounds.

X-ray grid - $475

List: $1,100. MedCon: N. New in the box x-ray grid. Mitaya Manufacturing Co, Japan. anti-scatter grid, focused. 10/1 ratio, 60 strips per centimeter, aluminum, focusing distance 130 cm.

gridaa6.jpg gridaa5.jpg gridaa7.jpg

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Radiolucent covers - $375 each

DSCN7971.jpgList: $1,500. MedCon: N. Radiolucent covers or small table tops, 19 x 22.75", with beveled edge. This size is particularly suited for chest and spot film device covers. 20 units in stock.

Shipping weight is about 10 pounds each.

Linear accelerator tube - $975

List: $28,750. MedCon: Ex. Magnetron linear accelerator tube. Made by the English electric valve company, model M5125.

engtube1.jpg engtube2.jpg engtube4.jpg
engtube3.jpg engtube5.jpg

Shipping weight is about 35 pounds.


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