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Radiology / X-ray Systems

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Portable x-ray - $6,750

mobillete5.jpg mobillete15.jpg mobillete9.jpgList: $29,300. Medcon: G.

Siemens portable x-ray, model Mobilett Plus HP.


Overview picture from operators panels mobillete12.jpg
Manufacturers plates mobillete13.jpgmobillete6.jpg
Battery charge level display mobilet-batlevel.jpg
Suggested exposure values mobillete18.jpg
Various Kv MaS settings mobillete14.jpg

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Shipping weight is about 780 pounds. (machine weight is about 640 pounds)

Mobile C-arm X-ray unit - $2,975

carmphilips01_17.jpg carmphilips06_22.jpg

List: $66,200. MedCon: G. Philips BV22 C-arm system. 120 V, 60 Hz. Removed in working condition from a hospital and we verified that it produced an image in our testing.

The old reliable dinosaur of the business. But it works! produces an image, and the image store and recall, although on a quite outdated mechanism, still works


carmphilips03_19.jpg carmphilips02_18.jpg
carmphilips04_20.jpg carmphilips05_21.jpg

Shipping weight is about 700 pounds.

Extremity mini C-arm - $3,750

small-fluroscna16.jpgList: $22,400. MedCon: G. Extremity mini C-arm fluoro scan, model 50200. A small, self contained mini C-arm useful for taking images of extremities, such as hands, elbows, wrists, knees, legs, ankles, toes, and shoulders.

System features:

Front panel controls for:


small-fluroscna15.jpg <small-fluroscna17.jpg small-fluroscna18.jpg

Shipping weight is about 225 pounds.

X-ray radiology room / 4 way float top, elevating table - $4,750

tosh-childrens-6_6.jpgtosh-childrens-7_7.jpgtosh-childrens-3_3.jpgtosh-childrens-4_4.jpgList: $435,000. MedCon: EX. Toshiba x-ray room, model DST 100A.

We were fortunate to purchase the entire radiology department of a local children's hospital when they built a brand-new building. All of these rooms are in perfect working order, and saw patients one week before we purchased them. Rooms de installed October 30, 2007.


Each system comes with a full set of installation, operator and troubleshooting guides. Includes installation and service manuals, and schematics.

Some details of the rad room with tomo and tilting wall bucky tosh-chldsrns-tiltbuckytoomo81_filtered_69.jpg tosh-chldsrns-tiltbuckytoomo82_filtered_70.jpg
tosh-chldsrns-tiltbuckytoomo83_filtered_71.jpg tosh-chldsrns-tiltbuckytoomo84_filtered_72.jpg
table tomography attachment (comes with 1 system)
control panel, with tomography control box
tosh-chldsrns-xray154_filtered_80.jpg tosh-chldsrns-xray149_filtered_75.jpg
Views of the table and tube stand
tosh-chldsrns-xray151_filtered_77.jpg tosh-chldsrns-xray152_filtered_78.jpg
tosh-chldsrns-xray150_filtered_76.jpg tosh-chldsrns-xray153_filtered_79.jpg
Control overview, with anatomical programming
tosh-chldsrns-xray158_filtered_84.jpg tosh-chldsrns-xray157_filtered_83.jpg
tosh-chldsrns-xray155_filtered_81.jpg tosh-chldsrns-xray156_filtered_82.jpg

During de installation, done by Ace Radiographics of Denver, tubes checked out to 130 kV. on testing done 10/17/7 and 10/18/7.

Unit has Model DG-80 M controls, with Toshiba KXO-80G x-ray generator. Generator has the following ratings:

tosh-childrens-5_5.jpgOne room has a 2nd full height orthopedic bucky, accepts a 14 x 36" cassette, add $1,750.

Tables were previously used with Agfa digital media, and so are equipped with 178 lines per inch grids, with a 6:1 ratio.

Rooms were installed in an approximately 14 by 15 foot long room.

One room has an additional tomography unit, as well as a wall Bucky that has a tilting holder.

Shipping weight is about 4,000 pounds each.



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